3 Goal-Driven Questions Real Estate Agents Should Ask Themselves


Zeroing in on a business goal can be hard; if you craft a vision too lofty you’re setting yourself up for failure, and if you center your attention around something too small then you’re not truly challenging yourself – finding a happy medium between the two is key as you aim to meet a revenue generating goal. A recent article on Inman.com shared three goal-driven questions you and your team members should be asking yourselves to help stay focused on efficiency this year:

  1. What’s my ‘why’? – take a step back and look at why you’re choosing to approach a task in a certain way. Is it because the top-producers on your team are, or is it because you’ve gotten sucked into a pattern? Take the time to analyze your approach and ensure it aligns with your overall goal – you can even go a step further and reverse engineer your goal to get a better break down of what steps map back to success.
  1. How strong is my purpose? – Stop talking yourself out of it! What’s stopping you from making those extra phone calls? Most of the time, we easily make excuses for why a task “can’t” be done. Re-instill a strong sense of purpose to help motivate you and your agents to go the extra mile.
  1. ‘What if I do? What if I don’t?’ – Once you’ve identified a purpose, ask yourself this question throughout the workweek. If you’re able to clearly see the benefits of doing a task, it’s more likely to motivate you to push forward and achieve.

What is your favorite goal-oriented question? Let us know in the comments below. Ready, set – succeed!

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