3 Ways to Bring the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year into Your Home


When Pantone announced their much-awaited color of the year earlier this month – Greenery – it was met with mixed emotions. For those who don’t typically use bright colors in their homes, it may seem out of place or even impossible to embrace. We don’t believe in “impossible,” so here are three ways you can incorporate the bold color into your rooms right away.

  • Throw it: Throw pillows are the perfect option for someone who wants to test Greenery out but isn’t sure where. Grab a couple with the color in their pattern, and try them on various sofas and chairs until it feels right. We call this “Goldilocks Decorating.”
  • Paint it: No, we don’t mean the whole room. Have some fun with painting a step stool to look like this one, or a small accent table, with a Greenery-infused pattern. Pops of color are always on-trend.
  • Twist it: Calling someone a “doorknob” isn’t usually a compliment…but it would be if you used fun knobs like these! Still not convinced Greenery is the color for you? Test knobs in your kids’ rooms first – they’re sure to love the fun change.

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