4 Do’s and Don’ts for Listing Your Home on the Market


It is a seller’s market and a great time to think about listing your home whether you’re looking to downsize, buy a larger home or move locations. Interest rates are low and homes are in demand, so what are you waiting for?

To help you get ready to list your home, ERA Real Estate spoke with broker Bill Aboumrad of Legacy Real Estate & Associates ERA Powered in Livermore, California and in-house photographer Renée Oteri of ERA Waterside Realty in Sarasota, Florida to provide four listing do’s and don’ts.

DO: Use Professional Quality Photos

Talk to your agent about their photographer and process.

  • Aboumrad: “I work with a company that sends out their own photographer to my listing, adds a description and sends it back to me for approval. Some of our agents take their own listing photography and then take the photos to a local print shop to make flyers or brochures. Typically that’s a 2-page or 4-page brochure.”
  • Oteri: “A photo says a thousand words. An audience is going to look at the photo before reading the description. So you absolutely need your photography to stand out, look great and make them want to see more.”

DO: Consider Staging Your Home

Ask your agent for tips on how to make your house look its best .

  • Aboumrad: “For homes that are occupied it’s important to arrange the existing furniture to maximize the living space and create a warm living environment. For unoccupied homes, staging some rooms will give the buyers some scale and the home a warm feeling. Bottom line is that we want buyers to envision themselves living in that home.”
  • Oteri: “Staging surely helps in the photography – so take the time. Make it appealing to a wide variety of potential buyers. You can get great home staging ideas on Pinterest.”

DO: Remember to Stage the Exterior

Work with your agent to maximize curb appeal.

  • Oteri: “The other day I took listing photos that came out great – except for a few exteriors that had a trash can in the lower left corner of the shot. It totally ruined the shot and I needed to go back and re-shoot. Impeccable staging and nitpicking the photography is critical – are there crinkles in the bedspread? Blinds uneven? Hoses, bikes, rakes – and yes, even trash cans – need to be removed.”

DON’T: Use Dark Photographs

Ask to see the photographs before your agent uses them.

  • Oteri: “A dark photo could send the wrong impression. You want someone to look at your photos and think, ‘Wow! Lots of natural light! Wide open space! Such a breath of fresh air!’ And with the outside photos, you want prospects to think, ‘I can’t wait to see the inside!'”

Both Bill and Renee agree that presentation is the key and a “wow factor” is important as well. As mentioned above, both can be achieved through staging and clean, eye-catching photography. So, work with your agent to give your house the best appearance possible. They’re experts in staging and presentation and happy to help!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you like to see people in the pictures, when you’re looking at a home listing online?  Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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