4 Real Estate Marketing Trends Agents Can’t Ignore in 2017


The new year is the perfect time to remind your agents of tips and tools they can leverage when it comes to digital marketing. A recent article on Inman.com shared four tactics you and your team members should be taking advantage of to ensure digital success in 2017, and we wanted to share our favorites here with you:

  • Remember why you’re on social media – Facebook, Instagram, etc. aren’t simply there to promote your listings. Rather, they are your opportunity to create and join conversations with your community, including current and potential clients.
  • Promoted social media posts – Once you’re having the conversations, putting money behind your social posts can give your insights – and your listings – the extra eyes you’ve been looking for. Promoting posts doesn’t have to break the bank either, so make sure you leave a little wiggle room in your 2017 budget to dedicate to pay-to-play.

From migrating to live video to learning more about digital marketing, there’s always room for growth in the new year! Check out the full list of tips here, and let us know which topics you’d like to learn more about here on Owning the Fence in the comments below!

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