4 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Home in the Off-Season


Vacation homes are often filled with great memories of sunny days and trips to the beach, but people tend to forget how special their home can be after summer ends. Here are a few excuses to take a winter “vacation” to your second home:

  1. Host Thanksgiving Dinner at The Beach –The beachy atmosphere will give your typical Thanksgiving celebration a refreshing twist, allowing you to enjoy your turkey with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Your whole family will love the chance to bundle up in mittens and gloves to play your annual Thanksgiving Football game in the sand, the perfect opportunity to escape for a few days and truly appreciate the spirit of the holiday.
  1. Enjoy a Stay-CationNeed to get away for a few days but can’t swing a full-fledged vacation? Take your kids to your beach house for a long weekend! The change of scenery will make you feel like you got away and it offers your kids the chance to re-discover their favorite summer play areas in a whole new way.
  1. Take a Romantic Getaway – While family vacations are great, it’s equally as important to get away for some quality time with your significant other. Empty beaches and quiet restaurants will give you plenty of the alone time you don’t quite get in your hectic day-to-day lives, and being able to skip accommodation expenses make this retreat a no-brainer.
  1. Discover the Natural Beauty of a Familiar Place – Spending time at your vacation home in the off-season, depending on where it is, could give you the chance to take walks along the stormy, winter ocean or on streets covered in ice and snow. You most likely bought your vacation home to enjoy some fun in the sun, but you probably never realized just how pretty it can be in the winter, even on the coldest winter day.

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Image via Apachiola Bay