Here on Owning The Fence we regularly share tips with brokers and agents about what they can be doing to optimize their individual social media pages, but it’s also important to remind ourselves of things to hold back on. A recent article in the Leadership section of Fast Company highlighted five practices social media experts say brands need to always keep in mind, including:

  1. Don’t rely completely on auto-posting. Brands who exclusively publish content that is scheduled ahead of time can come off mechanical and predictable, which can actually harm a brand’s social media image. Some scheduling ahead of time is fine, but each channel should have a good mix of auto and organic posting.
  1. Keep a pulse on what’s happening. One of the first places breaking news often comes to light is on social media, so it’s important to be in the know about local and global happenings. Particularly during times of tragedy, brands should be cautious of what they post, and should sometimes consider holding on posting all together.
  1. Don’t hijack trending topics. While you should definitely be aware of trending topics and popular hashtags, only join the conversation if you have something relevant to add. Piggy-backing or re-purposing a trending topic just to increase engagement for your account can sometimes result in negative sentiment toward your brand.

What other social media “do’s” and “don’ts” do you practice? Share them in the comments!

Photo from Fast Company.