Boomer Alert: 4 Great Places to Retire Near Your Urban Kids


It happens. Your kids choose to live in an urban setting and you, as you near retirement, want to move to a more settled environment. In an article picked up by the Huffington Post’s Huff Post 50, ERA Real Estate pinpointed four fabulous yet relaxing places to retire near your city-dwelling kids.

If your descendants dig D.C., consider living in Richmond, Va. Less than a two-hour drive from the political powerhouse of Washington, D.C., Richmond offers a serene atmosphere with plenty to do: Civil War sites, upscale shopping, and premier golf and fishing outlets. It has a friendly vibe and is close to the beach and the mountains, making it a great place for families. So, the grandkids may want to visit even more. Retirees looking for modest home prices, will find a good fit in Richmond with an average home sale price of $206,000.

Boston bests your beloved’s top places to live? What’s a parent to do? Retire to Cape Cod, Mass. where sound waters, New England charm and plenty of outdoor to-do’s create a peaceful retreat to spend your golden years and host family reunions. An excellent, growing healthcare network, experience-based retirement communities and numerous golf courses add to Cape Cod’s status as a great place to retire. Although the average selling price is $457,000, according to the local MLS, homes start in the $150,000 range and condos can be found for under $100,000.

You are your child’s first love. But eventually, they fall in love with a place to live and if it is Chicago, you are in luck. Take up residence in Door County, Wis., known as the Cape Cod of the Midwest. Here, lake lovers enjoy fishing, boating, canoeing and walking along the peaceful, picturesque shoreline. Door County is easily reachable from Chicago and buyers are seeing some outstanding values here. The current average residential sale price is around $172,000 and home values continue to increase as interest in Door County grows.

If yours is the California kid, think about a close commute – a less than two-hour flight – to St. George, Utah. Practically a painted landscape, the city of St. George is known for its red bluffs which peak at the city’s center. Close in proximity to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, it offers beautiful scenery and walking terrain. St. George is largely populated by retirees due to its mild climate and natural beauty. It also boasts the large Intermountain Healthcare system and is known as having one of the largest numbers of golf courses per capita in the country. Homes sell at an average price of $225,000.

You see, with an open mind and a love of travel, you can have your cake and eat it too in your golden years.  Next time your child says they are moving, why not say, “me too!”

Richmond, Virginia photo credit: Gamma Man via photopin cc

Cape Cod photo credit: Matt Seuss

Door County photo credit: County Visitor Bureau.

St. George, Utah photo credit: St George Convention & Tourism Office