Congratulations to our 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees!


2016 was yet another amazing year for TeamERA. We saw fast-forward growth and invaluable collaboration throughout our networks across the country. In that spirit, we take special pride in announcing the TeamERA members who have officially been inducted into our 2016 Hall of Fame: Ann Davis, ERA Preferred Properties Real Estate, Janice Miller, Sherry McGrath and Steve Simmons. Sharing some reflections from our most recent inductees:

“I believe in a strong work ethic and rolling up my sleeves to help. ERA has great products and services however, without collaboration and sharing, you won’t know how to properly use them to drive your goal. We are not big enough as individuals to create what the ERA network can create and accomplish collectively. You have to work together and we certainly do that at ERA.” – Ann Davis, ERA Central Realty Group

“There is no competition within our walls. We help one another and trust one another. We have team members here who have been with us as much as 27 years and they will agree that we operate as a group. Nothing we do is solely about us as individuals. We have our own strong culture that mirrors the ERA culture of teamwork and collaboration. We fit right in and we are proud of that.” – Bill Shanbarger, ERA Preferred Properties Real Estate

“The people at ERA are like my family. I have always felt that this was a wonderful brand to affiliate with and I am happy to spread the word to help the brand grow. All of the amazing people that I have met and all of the travel, teamwork and camaraderie I have experienced with ERA – I would not trade this experience for anything in the world. I have so many great memories.” – Janice Miller, ERA First Advantage

“I love ERA and what is stands for and I adore my local community. I have wonderful friends and connections within the brand and within Gillette. ERA believes in giving back to your community, which made this brand such a great fit for me.” – Sherry McGrath, ERA Priority Real Estate

“I have always been proud of my ‘partnership’ with ERA. It has been a blessing. From beginning to end, ERA continues to have great leadership and the brand and I continue to share the same philosophy – If you strive to satisfy the needs of others, your needs will always be met.” – Steve Simmons, ERA Fernandina Beach

Congratulations to all of our inductees – we are thrilled to have you as members of TeamERA!