Empty Nesting: Possibility or Pipe Dream?


For many parents, sending their children off to college is an emotional time. As it turns out, however, empty nesters likely won’t have an empty nest for long. According to Pew Research Center data, being with a parent is the most common living arrangement among young adults ages 18 through 34 – presumably with a faction being recent college grads. Need tips on how to get your home “boomerang kid” ready? We have you covered:

  • Revert that craft room! If you decided to transform your graduate’s childhood bedroom into a craft room, home gym or guest bedroom, now may be the time to switch it back. Giving your grad their own space will prevent them from encroaching into other shared areas of the home, likely bringing mess and disorganization along with them – just when you’ve started to enjoy its absence.
  • Revamp the office space. Give your “boomeranger” a designated spot to get work done – whether it be job applications, phone interviews or sorting out finances a quiet space can help your graduate move on to whatever’s next, and maybe eventually move out!
  • Clean and organize. Since your kids (and all their stuff) have been out of the house for a while, you’ve likely had time to fill any deserted space with new items, decorations, etc. Before they move back, take the time to clean and organize; throw out any unnecessary items and organize the must-stays, and help them to the same with their things when they arrive. This way, everything will have an appropriate spot.

Have you had a child move back home after graduation? Share your tips for re-adjusting in the comments below!

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