At this year’s International Business Conference, we announced that thanks to the exceptional response from you – ERA Real Estate brokers and agents – in just one year, we had already reached 67% of our ERA MDA Summer Camp Challenge goal. According to The Digital Giving Index, 31% of online annual giving occurs during the month of December. This makes planning for September, October and November fundraising efforts even more important, as the momentum you create in the fall can set you up for a successful year-end.

Here are three tips for your year-end fundraising push:

  1. Set goals first. Before you start any serious planning, make sure everyone involved has a clear idea of how much money you’re aiming to raise. This will allow your team to make informed decisions during each campaign, and can help set expectations for future campaign goals.
  2. Organize your donors. If you don’t already have one, you should create a streamlined donor database to keep track of contact information and donations. If you already have one, make sure all the information is up to date.
  3. Plan holiday FUNdraisers. The holidays are a popular time for nonprofits to plan fundraising events, but also a great opportunity to add some extra FUN. Start planning your Halloween, Thanksgiving and/or Christmas initiatives as soon as possible so you can get the word (and invites!) out early. Pick a theme that gets both parents and kids involved, as the holidays are a time when people are even more inclined to do activities as a family.

Have any other tips for preparing for a successful year-end fundraising season? Are you doing anything special to help us reach our goal of sending 1,000 children to MDA Summer Camps? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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