Don’t Chill It—GRILL IT!


If you’ve never thrown a slice of watermelon or a skewer of strawberries on your backyard grill, now may be the time to experiment with these tasty, low-calorie treats. Whichever you choose, brush the fruit with a little olive oil first to add flavor and keep it from sticking. Start over indirect heat, and keep a close watch. Fruit doesn’t take long to grill.

Watermelon. Leave the rind on or take it off. Either way, be careful. Watermelon is loaded with water, which, when heated, can spew out. Make sure it cools sufficiently before you dig in.

Peaches, plums and apricots. Since these fruits are somewhat delicate, leave the skins on when grilling and peel afterwards (or just leave them on).

Apples. If you’ve ever had a baked apple or warm apple pie, you know that cooking can bring out the best in apples. Try them on the grill, where the heat softens and sweetens the fruit from the outside.  strawberries

Strawberries. Line up strawberries on a skewer to combine the grilled smoky flavor with the sweetness of the fruit. At your next barbecue, let your guests skewer and grill their own fruit kabobs using strawberries, cantaloupe and other grillable fruits. Each kabob takes about seven minutes. 

Coconut. Crack open a coconut and grill it, white side down, until the white flesh turns a golden brown. For a special treat, carefully scrape the flesh away from the shell with a knife, and dip it in a little melted dark chocolate.

Bananas. Cut a banana in half lengthwise, leaving each half in the peel. Coat the cut sides with brown sugar, and grill them for about three minutes on each side. Put the bananas in a bowl and add low-fat yogurt and a drizzle of chocolate sauce for a grilled banana split.


Courtesy of Realogy’s iThrive July 2013 Newsletter

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