Home Decorating 101


Whether you read Architectural Digest regularly or you are looking to make one specific upgrade to your home, starting your creative process can be the biggest hurdle. Michelle Higgins of The New York Times recently wrote an article with seven guidelines for beginner home decorators.

Three of our favorites are below, including our additional thoughts on each:

  • Invest in the essentials – Once you have a solid base to work with, such as a nice sofa, bedroom set or dining table, you can switch up the accessories as you go. New throw pillows or table accoutrements are less expensive and therefore easy to add on top of larger, classic pieces.
  • Upgrade your lighting – Don’t overlook light fixtures, as they’re often easier to change than you think. Swapping in something that suits your taste can alter the entire vibe of a room, and you can always replace the originals and take yours with you when you eventually move.
  • Don’t forget the kitchen – When it comes to the kitchen, think style and function for success. For example, the article mentions grabbing favorite foods that also come in bright or unique packaging so you can leave it on the counter for display. Choose cooking or dining items that have character but don’t take up too much food prep space – to make the most of the room, hang some items from the walls!

Any other tips to share for the beginners? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via ThinkStock.