1. Six First-Impression Fixes (Under $500) to Attract Home Buyers

Lax maintenance on the outside could signal neglect on the inside and lead to a tempered first-impression and lack of interest from the get-go. To help you set the right tone for every seller showing, here are the top six things to fix, courtesy of Annie Hoover, Sales Associate, ERA Reardon Realty in Jackson, Michigan.

  1. Go Fishing Where the Fish are Swimming

“Fish where the fish are” is a marketing aphorism that tends to get lost in today’s fever to be in all places at once. But it’s a phrase worth remembering.

  1. Home Buyer at Age 25? It’s Not a Myth!

Looking for a dose of positivity on this summer day? Look no further than this home-buyer success story recently profiled in REALTOR Magazine: an accountant named Emily Brown from Cleveland, Ohio who successfully purchased her first home by age 25.

  1. 8 Important Trends in Real Estate Right Now

The Counselors of Real Estate has released its annual list of major trends that are sure to affect the real estate industry, both directly and tangentially. We’ve been talking about some of these trends recently, like those around millennials and urbanization. But there are others on the list that we think deserve some time in the spotlight as well.

  1. Mortgage Trends: Who Should You Borrow Money From?

In many areas across the country, it can be difficult for potential homeowners to attain affordable mortgages from lenders. Two of our ERA brokers, Sin-Yi Lambertson of ERA Yes! Real Estate and Rick Reardon of ERA Reardon Realty, shared their thoughts on what home buyers should consider when pursuing a mortgage in times when purse strings seem tight.

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