Recruiting Millennials: 3 Tips to Get Them in the Door


There’s no doubt about it – you want to have millennial agents in your court. They’re smart, ambitious and numbered in the millions, but how do you attract them to your company?

  1. Show them you have the tools to help them grow. Millennials are eager to learn, but they also have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to forge their own path. When trying to recruit them into your company, make it clear that you want to empower and guide them.
  2. Take community involvement seriously. Research shows that millennials want to work for companies that give back, and they want it to be genuine. Chances are you’re already giving back to the community in some way – showcase that on your website! To encourage employee participation, offer employees a number of service hours they can use throughout the year during the work day, or organize a day each quarter to give back as a team. Choose a cause, and devote yourself and your business to it.
  3. Update your office technology Millennials know how to be most productive with the latest in equipment and programs – and they can help increase the productivity of the rest of your staff by bringing them up to speed. So why wouldn’t you want to capitalize on that? Showing potential employees that you’re willing to make the investment will entice them because they want to work on a team that’s poised for the future.

Have any other tips that have worked for you lately? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!

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