Red Zone: Homes Edition

Baseball Stadium

Football and basketball season are in full swing and as a result, consumers across the country have their preferred sports teams top of mind. As most fans know, being a die-hard supporter of your favorite players can be expensive – especially if you want to watch the game live. Between tickets, souvenirs and refreshments, visiting your local stadium comes at a price.

What some sports fans don’t realize, however, is that living in close proximity to a professional athletic complex can also be pricey. A study revealed that homes within walking distance of a stadium are typically more expensive than the city norm. They pulled together a list of U.S. cities ranked by how much more it costs to live near a stadium compared to the median price of the metro area.

Boston topped this list, with the median home price near stadiums falling between $639,500 to $1.24 million compared to the median metro home price which was only $479,900. New York came in second and Seattle, Washington was deemed the third most expensive city to live near a sports stadium. This is good news for home owners near each coliseum, however, as they will be able to command a premium for their properties when they eventually look to sell.

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Image from ThinkStock.