@Redfin: Want More Accurate Real Estate Listings? Try Local Web Sites


We really liked Redfin’s info graphic, below, which touted local web sites as a more accurate place to find real estate listings. That’s because ERA.com is built around local web sites.

In fact, we are the only real estate franchise taking the unorthodox approach of connecting 1,000 local MLS feeds into a single branded hub to directly connect customers with local real estate experts.

If you are looking for a home on ERA.com, your search will be streamlined: you won’t need to click through aggregators and advertisers to get to the listings you want to see.

Plus, according to Redfin, you’ll have access to more listings faster than if you search on other real estate sites.

And in this market, when listings are at a premium, you’ll want to find the listings as soon as they come onto the market. 

If you are in the market to buy a home, be sure to reach out to an ERA sales associate to help guide you through the process and advise you how to best  position yourself in current market conditions.

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