Set Your Goals & Make it Happen: 2017 Resolutions for Agents


January is the perfect time to refresh, refocus and set new goals for the year ahead. As we begin 2017, kick start your year and your business by taking a moment to think about what you want to accomplish.  What haven’t you tried yet that you want to?

Need a little inspiration? Here are three of our 2017 resolutions for agents.

Stay Organized while On-the-Go. Agents are often traveling from place to place for the majority of the day. Help maximize your day with apps like Workflow, which connects different apps on your phone to save you time – for example, you can actually teach it to call an Uber before your next calendar appointment! List apps like Google Keep, Evernote and Wunderlist are great ways to keep your to dos in one place.

Learn a New Social Tool. The way we communicate with each other as a society continues to evolve, and as such, home buyers and sellers are looking for agents who understand that. Haven’t tried Snapchat? Try it! Sign up for LinkedIn if you haven’t already – or explore Twitter Analytics to better engage with your audience. Regardless of which channel you focus on, resolve to explore a new tool this year.

Try a New Open House Tactic. Kick off 2017 selling by reinvigorating your approach to open houses. Some thought starters: offering themed snacks that tie in with the home’s style or location, bringing in a local artist to showcase their work while people see the home, or using video in your follow up to prospective buyers. The options are endless!

What are you excited to try this year? Share your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook!