With summer approaching now is the perfect time to think about securing your house for vacations and long weekends away. Try starting with these easy-to-execute tips to put your mind at ease:

  • Illuminate Entrances. Timers that turn lights on at a certain time daily are fine, but try installing sensor-activated lights outside to deter any could-be intruders. Go with one at the front door and one in the backyard.
  • Keep an Eye on It. No need to hire an electrician to hard-wire a security camera system – try a wireless one that you can easily install yourself, like Blink. Monitor any movement via an app on your phone from the beach, the boat…wherever!
  • Switch it Up. If you typically plug lights into the above-mentioned light timers, try switching up your strategy this summer with something like the Wemo Light Switch. If you’re going to be away for a week or longer, it could be beneficial to turn the lights on and off at varying times so activity around the house seems more natural.

Most importantly, make your home security as easy and trustworthy as possible for you, so you can enjoy every minute of R&R.

Any other tips that you prefer? Tell us in the comments below!