Unplug, Clean Out, Lock up – What to Do before You Leave for Vacation


You’ve been counting down to summer vacation…and now it’s here! Before you run out the door, take care of these four things – you’ll sleep easier knowing you left your home in great shape.

Create a Packing Check List. Especially great for families, packing checklists take the pressure off of you to remember every little thing you might need. There are many printable checklists available online, like this one from Real Simple, that you can run through as you pack. If you work better making your own, take a pen to paper the old-fashioned way, or use an app!

Unplug Your Appliances. Beyond helping you save energy costs while you’re away, unplugging your appliances is also a safety benefit. If you use power strips, simply turn the power switch to “off.” Think about the basics like lamps, TVs and DVD players – and don’t forget lesser-thought of items like coffee makers, toasters, iPod docks and gaming consoles.

Clean Out. It may seem counterintuitive to clean up before you leave your home, but you’ll thank yourself when you return back to an organized home! Take the time to put away clothes and other items you decided not to bring. Then, do a quick round of basic cleaning, including wiping down bathrooms and sweeping floors. In the kitchen, clean out perishable items from the refrigerator and disinfect counters to prevent any unpleasant odors.

Lock Up! Finally, lock it all up. This includes window locks, pulling cars into the garage and locking them, and securing doors from the inside and outside. Vacation, here you come!

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Image via Thinkstock.