What’s it Like to Work with Your Sibling? The McGraths of ERA Priority Tell Us!


Today is National Sibling Day! To celebrate, we sat down with ERA broker/agent siblings Josh and Ashley McGrath of ERA Priority Real Estate in Gillette, WY to find out what it’s like to take on the real estate industry with your brother or sister!

ERA: How long have you been involved in the real estate industry?

  •  Josh: Both of us grew up in the industry, our mom joined ERA Real Estate in 1980 and bought her own office 8 years later. I didn’t choose real estate as a career path until around 2001, when my wife and I moved back to Gillette, WY to raise a family.
  • Ashley: I’m nine years younger than Josh, so I only joined the company about 4 or 5 years ago. After I graduated college I returned to Gillette and did some advertising and administration for my mom and brother until I decided to get my own license in 2011.

ERA: What’s the biggest challenge of working with your sibling every day?

  •  Josh: It can sometimes be tricky to navigate our professional relationship when I have to act like Ashley’s boss. I worry about nepotism and other employees feeling like I’m favoring her. I try to remind myself to approach work-related issues from strictly a business perspective, but she’s my little sister so it’s not always easy to suppress my protective older-brother tendencies.
  • Ashley:  Having your big brother also be your boss is a unique dynamic. We try and keep work and home separate, but it can be hard sometimes to remember that at work he’s my boss and not my big brother, and I should expect him to treat me just like everyone else – which he definitely does!

ERA: What’s the best part of working together?

  •  Josh: I love the feeling of camaraderie we have – it resonates with the larger company and has resulted in wide-spread mutual respect between almost all of ERA Priority’s employees. We’re both very sarcastic so it’s fun to be able to joke around with each other throughout the day. When my mom officially sold me the company last year, on April 1, 2014, I fired Ashley as an April Fool’s Day prank – that’s not something you can get away with doing to just any employee!
  • Ashley: No it’s not! (laughs) We are very close, and it’s great to have a boss that really knows you. Every day is fun with Josh, he’s such a jokester but at the same time a very fair leader who wants to see everyone succeed. National conventions and conferences are always especially fun when we attend them together – and I am so grateful for all the professional relationships I’ve developed with Josh’s help.

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Image via DaysofTheYear.com.